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Publisher: Beveridge and Co. Key Features Standard theological text in the Wesleyan tradition Important discussions of theology in the context of nineteenth century advancements in science and philosophy All Scripture references directly linked to the Bibles in your library.

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Praise for the Print Edition One of the greatest systematic theologies written from a Wesleyan or Arminian perspective. Marked by the qualities which distinguish Mr. There is the same comprehensiveness of view, the same profound insight into the deep meaning of Holy Scripture, the same intimate acquaintance with all the phase of ancient and modern thought on the great subjects of which he treats, the same devout and reverential regard to Him who is the Centre of all truth, the same fidelity to evangelical doctrine, and the same solicitude for the practical holiness which the truth is designed to nourish and sustain.

As the modern exponent of Arminian theology, he stands in the front without a comparable rival, and his great work, characterized by so much noble thought and careful inquiry, will doubtless take its place as a standard book of reference and appeal among the systematic expositions of Christian theology, leaving little else for Wesleyan Methodists to require as a manifesto of their creed. September 10, August 23, August 14, August 9, July 18, July 17, June 28, June 25, August 21, August 18, July 10, September 9, September 7, September 4, September 1, August 25, August 19, September 3, April 25, December 13, December 4, August 24, June 6, May 9, August 20, July 29, July 22, Unfortunately, he elects not to interact with historical and philosophical theology.

He held a high view of Scripture, but unfortunately held to an exclusively inductive view of theology and to some questionable views on other matters e. Although I differ from him in some respects e.

A Compendium of Christian Theology :Systematic Theology Vol 2 of 3

Its strength lies in its ability to immerse the young theologian in the great theological conversation stretching over the past 2, years. In particular, he has been influential in urging theologians to draw upon the church fathers. Given the fact that charismatic churches are experiencing explosive growth worldwide, the young theologian is well-served to pay close attention.

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The covers of this book are too far apart. Do not read it in bed.

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But I still recommend the book because he does a fine job of historical theology, mediating the Roman tradition. An alternative book is the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Hans Urs von Balthasar Collection (21 vols.)

Erickson is a top-shelf mind who has put in the hard work to give us a theology that arises from the Scriptures and is conversant with historical and philosophical theology. For a young theologian wanting a model of how to write theology, this is your book. For the reader who wants an accessible introduction, this is probably the best choice. Tarnas is not a Christian.

His compassionate and learned apologetic for Christianity finds its fruition in this book, which is an analysis of the decline of Western culture, and a proclamation of the truth of Christianity. Global Theology : The young theologian would do well to read theology written in other contexts. Global Issues : As the globe becomes more and more hyper-connected and hyper-aware of this connectedness , theologians are well-served to read books that analyze the world situation.

Praise for the Print Edition

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