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However, for all of my complaining about Conrad, the chapter when he has the day from hell, Chapter 11, is wonderfully written. But I doubt it. Was he an adherent of Stoicism? Did he think that Stoicism would be a useful philosophy for most Americans to follow?

The main plot of the book feels quite contemporary, as it concerns an alleged sexual assault. The victim is the white daughter of one of the wealthiest men in Atlanta, while the alleged perpetrator is the star running back at Georgia Tech.

Wes Jordan, the black mayor of Atlanta, is up for re-election, and he naturally wants to prevent the situation from escalating into a race riot. So he enlists his old friend Roger White to talk to Charlie Croker and see if Croker will make a statement supporting the running back, thinking that having a prominent white citizen on his side will prevent the issue from splitting along racial lines.

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You can judge for yourself how successful he was at creating and writing about these characters. Attentive Wolfe readers will see pet phrases of his come up time and again.

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What planet had he been beamed down from? It only shifted. A critique I had as I read A Man in Full is that there are parts of the book that are overwritten, which might be inevitable in a page paperback.

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Too many times Wolfe describes a gesture one of the characters makes, and then tells us what it means, which just seems unnecessary. Reviews for A Man in Full were generally positive, but two of the most famous novelists in America both disliked the book. How grateful one can feel then for his failures and his final inability to be great—his absence of truly large compass. He broke down in the fifth round! Norman finally landed that right hook! My own thought is that Irving, Updike, and Mailer were all jealous of the huge sales and media attention Wolfe was garnering.

Man in Full by Tom Wolfe, Signed

Wolfe captures the voices of so many different people throughout the book. Even the minor characters are very fully drawn. Posted by Mark at PM. But then, absence makes the heart grow fonder, not to mention that this, after all, is Tom Wolfe we're talking about.

A man in composite: Who inspired Charlie Croker’s resume?

Bales says Wolfe will appear at his store for an autograph session on November 19, and Borders is preparing for a massive rush of well-over 1, people. Listen to a excerpt from the book:. So, is this latest venture in fiction -- Wolfe's second in a stellar writing career founded on award-winning reporting and nonfiction -- worth all the hype? Reviews have been solid across the board. The encompassing "A Man in Full" tightrope-walks racial fault lines in Atlanta, depicting a series of stories that intersect in classic Wolfeian plot structure.

Desperate and bigoted, Croker, who is referrred to as "Cap'n Charlie" by the black workers on his quail-shooting plantation, struggles with the humiliation of his debt and organizes a Ku Klux Klan rally to deflate the price of a prized piece of real estate.

Race relations in Atlanta are further strained when Fareek "The Cannon" Fanon, a black football star at Croker's alma mater, is accused of raping the white daughter of a prominent Atlanta businessman during the city's annual Freaknik bash. The novel runs deep with insider information into Atlanta's various communities. The resulting story is so closely intertwined with fact and fiction, it's no wonder that it's been compared to "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," which turned Savannah, Georgia, on its ear.

Not that any of this hype matters to Wolfe-hungry fans who have been starving for a new feast. To them, the plot of the book matters less than who's telling it, and Wolfe's reputation precedes him by a long-shot.

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In fiction, Wolfe blended houndog reporting with a story for the ages to create "Bonfire of the Vanities," a tale clashing Park Avenue with the Bronx. The book is seen as the defining look of s New York City, in all its corrupt and power-greedy glory.

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It was popular enough to be translated to the big screen in a movie starring box office kingpins Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis, though the film flopped.