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It adds activity and takes my mind off food I did not believe people who said more exercise somehow makes you less hungry, and it still seems crazy. At first I needed a few hard-and-fast rules: no candy, no doughnuts not even timbits , no chips. Then I gradually re-introduced treats in more appropriate proportions and frequencies and so far have been mostly successful with keeping things much more balanced.

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But particularly when trying to break old habits, I found it handy to have rigidly defined black-and-white areas and it was only once I had tracking with an app to lean on as my hard-and-fast way to control snacking that I could be trusted with snacks. Another thing I used was a weak form of intermittent fasting: for hrs every day, there was no eating. No breakfast before 11am, no snacking after midnight. Yes, I found a way more than once to use that analogy out loud.

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Plus it was a simple, bright-line, hard-and-fast rule that eliminated late-night snacking, which was one of my weaknesses. So one important change in mindset was giving myself permission to make my health more of a priority. Particularly the first two weeks, I was bugging friends a lot mostly Netbug. I whined and complained and vented. The world was unfair — for years I had considered a pack of timbits to be a nice mid-afternoon snack, and now was being told it was more than most of my meals. My initial commitment mechanism failed, but I still think it was a helpful approach to keep me on-mission.

I mostly only weighed and tracked myself weekly, and the trendline in FitBit was pretty good at that resolution. I only reported here quarterly.


But that can be sabotaged by seeing your weight randomly fluctuate up despite being good the day before. Rather than get a fancy technology scale that might not even exist on the market yet , my suggestion is to tape over the display with a helpful message. Step on it every day, say your affirmation, look at the message that you should trust the process. Then once or twice a month peel the tape off and check your progress.

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Hopefully some big-bang behaviour changes and bunch of hacks will help you. But I thought it was a good exercise to stop and reflect on what worked for me. Not much to say about this past quarter — I ended up gaining back just under 3 lbs, which is not too bad for holding the line.

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At one point that was 5 lbs of back-sliding though, which is troubling behaviour. So in June I had to get back on the wagon about tracking everything and not having three consecutive cheat days. And hey, it works. The next few days everything was sore like I had pulled something, esp. The public pools are open, which is welcome news to Blueberry. I was surprised we only went once for the long weekend, though we were swimming for over an hour that day. Joseph and the Child Jesus appeared to bless the world, for they traced the Sign of the Cross with their hands.

Our Lord appeared to bless the world in the same manner as St. Joseph had done. Blessing of the sick The blessing of sick is already an integral part of the traditional celebration of the anniversary pilgrimages from May to October.

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RELATED WORDS dedication , grace , backing , consent , permission , gift , miracle , asset , boon , kindness , commendation , thanksgiving , consecration , thanks , invocation , benediction , absolution , benison , okay , support. Nearby words blessed event , blessed sacrament , blessed trinity , blessed virgin , blessig's cysts , blessing , blessing in disguise , blest , blet , bletchley park , blether. Origin of blessing before ; Middle English blessinge, -unge, Old English bletsung, bledsung.

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