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Available Formats: eBook Softcover Hardcover. Available Formats: Softcover Hardcover eBook.

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Richter, M. Ed , Andresen, S. Ed , Diehm, I. Ed , Sander, U. Ed , Ziegler, H. Available Formats: Hardcover Softcover eBook. Publishing With Us. Book Authors Journal Authors. This series focuses on the subject of measurements and indicators of children's well being and their usage, within multiple domains and in diverse cultures.

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More specifically, the series seeks to present measures and data resources, analysis of data, exploration of theoretical issues, and information about the status of children, as well as the implementation of this information in policy and practice. By doing so it aims to explore how child indicators can be used to improve the development and the well being of children. With an international perspective the series will provide a unique applied perspective, by bringing in a variety of analytical models, varied perspectives, and a variety of social policy regimes.

Children's Well-Being: Indicators and Research will be unique and exclusive in the field of measures and indicators of children's lives and will be a source of high quality, policy impact and rigorous scientific papers. Share this. Titles in this series.

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Refine Search. Content Type. Release Date. Showing 22 results. It proposes some …. Ed This book draws together for the first time some of the most important international policy practice and research relating to education in out-of-home care. It addresses the …. Ed This book presents an analysis of the impact of the social crisis on the well-being of children and adolescents in Europe.

Focusing on the fields of health, employment and social …. Ed This book discusses child well-being, with children and adolescents as key informants, from a Latin American perspective. It explores theoretical and empirical issues related to ….

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Ed This book presents evidence that children are the real experts of their lives. Ed This book shows the different ways in which migration matters in the context of global and local childhood and youth. Furthermore, it highlights that childhood, youth and …. It incorporates …. Book Rights of the Child Milne, B. It studies the progress of that human rights ….

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Ed This book brings together a range of theoretical and empirical perspectives on conceptualization, measurement, multidimensional impacts and policy and service responses to address …. The well-being of children ….

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At the same time, it is steeped in controversy. This is in large measure due to the persistence and …. Ed Currently, families are being subjected to increasing public attention. Interest is focussing on their potential strengths and weaknesses in determining how well children do at …. All in all, this is not a good lifestyle to model for children.

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  • I recommend that parents consider teaching their children the skills they will need to be more resilient in the face of stressful events. The opposite is true in East Asian countries. Children can turn any situation—whether they are sitting in a waiting room or walking to school—into an opportunity for play. They may also choose calming activities like reading a book, taking the dog for a walk, or simply lying under a tree and staring up at the clouds—all of which will allow them to approach the rest of their lives from a more centered, peaceful place.

    Giving your kids downtime will help them to be more creative and innovative.

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    And just as importantly, it will help them learn to relax. Parents tend to identify their children by their strengths and the activities that come naturally to them. This can make them more anxious and depressed when faced with failure or challenges. But our brains are wired to learn new things.

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    We also tend to think that criticism is important for self-improvement. If a parent tells a child that she should try to be more outgoing, for example, the child may internalize that as a criticism of her naturally introverted personality. But research on self-criticism shows that it is basically self-sabotage. It makes you afraid of failure, which hurts your performance, makes you give up more easily, and leads to poor decision-making.

    And self-criticism makes you more likely to be anxious and depressed when faced with a challenge. Instead, parents should encourage children to develop attitudes of self-compassion —which means treating yourself as you would a friend in times of failure or pain. It simply means that they learn not to beat themselves up. This mindset will allow her to excel in the face of challenge, develop new social skills, and learn from mistakes. Research shows that, from childhood onward, our social connections are the most important predictor of health , happiness , and even longevity.

    Having positive relationships with other people is essential for our well-being, which in turn influences our intellectual abilities and ultimate success. Moreover, likability is one of the strongest predictors of success—regardless of actual skills. Children are naturally compassionate and kind.