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Donna lingers around the edges as Dr. Martin, freed by Felice's trip out of town, reaches out to Gina for the first time since Christmas. A dinner date gets awkward, but Gina and Dr. Martin keep trying; she's even calling him "Dad"!

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  5. Surely their relationship can only keep getting better for the rest of one of their lives! Join us as we try to figure out "The Final Proof"! When Alison literally ends a poker party by boring everyone with tales of her college cramming techniques, Jake is the only one intrigued Billy and Sandy are united in not even caring if Jake and Alison are hooking up! They don't care at all!!! Rhonda is strangely ambivalent about attending a performance by a dance company featuring her old friend, Theresa. Matt gets the whole story over dinner with both of them: Rhonda and Theresa were both up for a spot in the company, but Rhonda broke her foot and missed the audition, and now she teaches Cardio Funk while Theresa enthralls audiences as a modern dancer.

    Theresa and Matt both urge Rhonda to try out for a slot the company has open now, but the more time Rhonda and Theresa spend together, the more obvious it is that there is still a lot of mutual resentment between them. We hope you won't resent our coverage of "Second Chances"! A visit from Matt's brother Patrick and sister-in-law Juliane couldn't come at a better time, what with both him and Kelly suddenly having so much time on their hands.

    But Matt's not exactly excited for their arrival, since Patrick's a big finance bro who's always been critical of Matt. Patrick might be easier to get along with now, though, since he needs to ask a big favour: he's sterile, and would like Matt to donate sperm so that Patrick and Juliane may have a baby. Do we even need to say Kelly is a bitch about it? Donna might not go so far as to say Kelly is being a bitch about backing out of the new lease on the store, but she's terrified about having to network on her own.

    See a Problem?

    Turns out she should be, since her instincts suck, and she ends up dating a nerdy buyer so that he'll order some of her new sweaters. David's having much better luck, connecting with a fashion journalist improbably profiling Donna. Having lost out on her chance to be a gym spokesmodel thanks to the "mix-up" that ended with her getting arrested on drug charges, Gina needs a job, and Dylan has a connection: a hotel regular named Russell who's a big wig at the "Super Sports Channel.

    Michael knows his dad disdains him, and confides in Gina that their relationship has been hard ever since his mother's death. Seeing in Russell shades of taskmaster Bobbie, Gina decides to be Michael's hero.

    How to Become a Player With Women… Without Acting Like a Jerk

    We discuss it all in our podcast on "Fertile Ground"! Attempts to warm Michael up on the idea of parenthood this early in his hospital internship fail, as he convinces her that they owe it to themselves to spend a few years fulfilling their own professional aspirations before adding a child to the mix, and she decides to find out what's involved in getting an abortion without ever telling him she was pregnant at all.

    In the process, she makes the mistake of telling Rhonda, who can't help opening her big mouth to Michael. Realizing he doesn't actually have any interesting life experiences to fill inches with, he decides to try bungee-jumping, forcing his subconscious to remind him, in a dream, that he's desperately afraid of heights. We take you through in our podcast on "Leap Of Faith"!

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    Donna and David, sick of being single, decide to try their luck at getting set up with people in Matt's Rolodex -- though Donna ends up passing when a random guy wanders into the store and asks her out. Have her romantic instincts sharpened during her journey of celibacy and self-improvement?

    Meanwhile, David's date, a lawyer named Chrissy, is everything he could possibly want in a woman, and he's so eager to open up to her that he tells her all about Matt's new client and the worker's comp settlement Matt is pursuing on his behalf. But whoops, Chrissy knows Matt is under suspension, and reminds him that she's on the bar association's ethics committee. Will Matt heed this warning, or is he guided by the same terrible judgment that got him suspended in the first place? Kelly is also in the middle of a career crisis -- the same one she's been in for months, not knowing if running a store is actually her passion, or if she just wants to hang around because she's not ready to start losing touch with her You'd think Dylan would make this process easy by being a prick to her, but as we know, this just makes him more attractive to her.


    When Noah manages to get out of bed before noon, he happens by the Peach Pit while Steve and Janet are orienting their new nanny, Darby, and immediately hits on her. Will Noah actually heed Steve's orders that Noah keep his hands off her? Alison is getting into a flirtation with Rick Gremlins's Zach Galligan!

    When Alison shares one of her campaign concepts over dinner, he can't resist passing it off as his own and defensively claiming to have had it before she mentioned it to him. Alison complains to a higher-up, who gives Alison a chance to present ideas with Rick -- and since Rick apparently doesn't have any ideas of his own, it's a perfect opportunity for her to shiv him. But will she?

    9 Reasons You're Still With That Jerk

    The two of them used to run short cons together, and it turns out she still is: she's passing herself off as an art dealer, and could use Jake as the face of her newest discovery when she tries to sell "his" work actually just a bunch of splatters and butt prints. Jake's integrity finds itself at war with his limited financial prospects, again.

    How To Be The Perfect Amount Of JERK (Why ALL PEOPLE LOVE IT)

    Gay Matt finds the halfway house budget slashed again, and needs volunteers to help him prepare meals for residents. Rhonda enthusiastically signs herself up for a shift, only to have to take it back just a couple of hours before she's supposed to start. The exotic cars attitude, as well as the Jerks, says: You wish you could afford me! Those that dont look hungry get fed.

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