Manual How Will Capitalism End?: Essays on a Failing System

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He sees the support for Brexit and Trump as stemming from the same source. But this space — geographic, economic, political — is off-limits to the Staatsvolk : the ones who fly yearly on holiday rather than weekly on business, the downsized, the indebted losers of neoliberalism. This both reinforces them as a political power structure, and puts them completely on the defensive. But one thing they do know is that conventional politics has totally written them off. Those views on immigration landed him in another fight this summer, when he wrote an essay attacking Angela Merkel for her open-door policy towards refugees from Syria and elsewhere.

Does saying that make me some proto-fascist?

How Will Capitalism End?: Essays on a Failing System

What gives this back-and-forth a twist is the little-known fact that Streeck is himself the child of refugees. Both 25 years old when the second world war ended, his parents were among the 12 million displaced people to arrive from eastern Europe in West Germany. His parents were poor.

After Streeck left home she began to study the Czech language. Her son went to a grammar school founded by Martin Luther, where he was taught Greek and Latin and expected to become a theologian. Instead, he fell in with the then-illegal Communist party. The retiree is still up by six every morning and at his desk for 8. After that I give myself over to academic intrigues. There is more gossip, this time about Greek politics and the hollowing out of the Syriza government. Both times, Streeck warns he is about to disappoint us.

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To me he cites an Occupy protest in Frankfurt. I think more such scariness must happen.

How Will Capitalism End?: Essays on a Failing System |

They must learn that in order to keep people quiet they need extraordinary effort. A businessperson can go on an investment strike; he or she can hoard cash. Even if voters sat out an election, they would still face the consequences. Muslim mums would get their headscarves ripped off, a Polish man could get stabbed to death for going in the wrong kebab shop. In a phone call a couple of weeks later, I press Streeck again.

And I hope for another one. Very short-term, I know, but those are my horizons. Phone orders min. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. In this book, German sociologist Streeck argues that capitalism is doomed, as many have before. But he does not believe it will be replaced by something better.

How Will Capitalism End?: Essay on a Failing System

Instead a new Dark Ages lies ahead. Neoliberalism, in fragmenting workers and consumers into desperately precarious personal brands, has made mass organization effectively impossible, while traditional political channels have been systematically choked off.

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  • The end of capitalism has begun.

Capitalism, therefore, won't be overthrown. It will kill itself through its own power to overcome the restraints that bind it.

How Will Capitalism End?: Essays On A Failing System

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Wolfgang Streeck: Decline of democratic capitalism and rise of postmodern identitarian liberalism

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