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The Tesla Model 3 is the runaway best-selling electric vehicle of , outselling the second best-selling Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid at a rate of about 7 to 1, according to Insideevs.

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But what automaker is going to appeal to the masses with the kind of technology, performance, and verve that Tesla has done with the Model 3? Which electric vehicle will sell at least 10, units per month on average? The Chevy Bolt is a quarter behind, with the credit eliminated at the end of Q1 Automakers with electric vehicles that still qualify for the full credit are much cheaper by comparison. This list does not include appliance compliance cars with availability limited to California and Oregon.

What Do Africanized Bees Look Like?

Defenders: These electrics were there before the Model 3 and at the very least opened the door for a largely skeptical EV market. They are quality EVs with a distinct place, but the place is nowhere near the volume of the Tesla Model 3. Chevy just announced the model will get a bump in range from miles to miles.

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Javits Convention Center in New York. The first EV to hit the market way back in , at about the same time as the Chevy Volt PHEV, may it rest in peace, the Nissan Leaf hatchback was a global best-seller until Tesla came along and tripled the range. For , the Nissan Leaf Plus has a range of miles in roughly the same package as the standard mile hatchback. With that impressive track record, the new show had a lot to live up to. The attraction sat inside a very pleasant pub called the Shambles, located just next to the imposing Abbey.

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The team had taken over half of the pub and converted it into 7 very differently themed locations. The premise behind the show was that the serial killer family, the Tormented 6, had been housed inside a jail complex where members of the public would go and observe to see how killers acted when normal people were present. On entering the attraction we were greeted by a security officer inside a dark office who explained they were experiencing a power cut, but that there was nothing to worry about. The usual scare attraction speech was delivered in a very entertaining manor and the actor playing the security guard played their part very well.

We were then ushered into the first room. Biochemists have tracked down the brain chemicals that make so-called killer bees such ferocious fighters. The compounds, which seem to be present in higher levels in the much-feared Africanized honey bee, can make less aggressive bees turn fierce, according to a new study.

Making a Murderer: The Evolutionary Framing of Hybrid Gamete-Killers.

Woese Institute for Genomic Biology in Urbana, who was not involved in the work. Honey bees are incredibly territorial, fighting to the death to defend their hive with painful stings.

But killer bees—hybrids of the relatively docile European strain of honey bee and a more aggressive African relative—are particularly fierce. The hybrids emerged after African bees were imported to Brazil in the s. By the s, they had spread north to the United States , outgunning resident honey bees along the way. Their massive attacks have killed more than people. So he and his colleagues swung a black leather ball in front of an Africanized bee hive and collected the bees whose stingers got stuck in the ball during the attack.