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Contact us today for a confidential consultation about a giving program to fit your needs. Caruth, Jr.

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Call Us Email Us Map. Charitable Goal-Setting: Our Philanthropic Services team will work with you to identify your giving style, passions and desired results. Grantmaking Support: Through the grantmaking process, our team can manage the day-to-day activities of your charitable giving by providing a wide range of services that include, but are not limited to, the following: Determining if a gift will qualify as a charitable contribution Identifying qualified applicants Arranging site visits to explore agency capabilities Reviewing grant proposals Preparing written grant recommendations Preparing and sending award letters and notifying those whose proposals are declined Grantee Accountability: The purpose of grantee accountability is to ensure that your grant dollars are being used for their intended purpose and are having the impact you desire in the community.

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Read The Full Story. Are you ready to get started? Request a Consultation. That is not development; it is fund raising. And, it is not enough The need for the nonprofit sector to go beyond fund raising and to understand and apply development principles is growing.

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Increased competition among funders and a higher level of sophistication among donors have changed the nature of philanthropy, development, and fund raising. This shift in expectations requires organizations to practice the longer-term process of development: to go beyond fund raising. A donation to a nonprofit organization is an investment in the community the organization serves The philanthropic sector has an opportunity to build stronger communities through boldness, innovation, and new models for action that are based on results, not needs; on investment opportunities, not institutional financial urgency Donors do not give to organizations because organizations have needs; they give because organizations meet needs.

It is time to infuse the nonprofit sector with innovation and investment strategies that will develop long-term relationships with funders and volunteers. These relationships must be based on an understanding between organizations and their donor-investors of their mutual responsibility to provide essential community services.

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They must be inspired by shared values, partnership, respect, and vision. The request for a gift is less an appeal for money to meet the organization's budget goals than an invitation to join in an entrepreneurial venture, an opportunity to invest in a process that will pay dividends in the form of a stronger, more vital community. Beyond Fund Raising is a blueprint for building new donor-organization relationships and explains how organizations can integrate fund-raising practices into the far more dynamic, comprehensive, and rewarding process of development.

This book helps nonprofit organizations replace the feeling of begging with innovative practices that will create stable, ongoing donor-investor relationships. Beyond Fund Raising examines the common concerns of many nonprofits and offers proven steps to attract and retain donor-investors—not just to the organization, but to its mission.

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Supplemented with forms, task lists, and charts to help readers incorporate this new philosophy into their own organizations, this book shows nonprofits how to:. Use a broader context of values-based philanthropy, development, and fund raising Maximize board development and participation and prevent mission drift Assess community needs by ''replacing their mirrors with windows'' as they plan Institute institutional planning that supports these innovations at three levels: philosophical, strategic, and tactical For fund-raising professionals, nonprofit executives, board members, other volunteers and consultants, Beyond Fund Raising offers the key to both a successful financial future and a reinvigorated organization.

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Attention: Your browser is currently set to decline cookies. In order to use this shopping cart, you must accept cookies. For more technical information about cookies, click here. This thought-provoking book, published by Jossey-Bass, draws from interviews and focus groups with numerous women philanthropists and development professionals to reject the notion that women give less to charity because they are unenlightened philanthropists.