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The bold color and graphic design of the runner attracts the eye, while the asymmetrical composition of the picture causes it to stand out on the page. Ann is a fiber artist from Shelburne Falls, Mass.

If you want to sell your work at shows, the best way to get started is with local and regional shows. Or you can explore online lists of shows such as art-linx. You need to have a name for your business.

Quilt it Yourself:

Many artists find that using their actual name is a good idea to help people remember them. My business name is Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts. Most of the online shops have easy step-by-step procedures for establishing your shop and adding the items you plan to sell. Showing your high-quality work is just the beginning! Be ready to interact with your potential customers. Tell them your story. What is unique about what you do?

Where to begin?

Find out about quilting in your area. How many quilt guilds are there? How far do the members travel to the meetings?

  1. Business Overview.
  2. Budget Quilting Classes:;
  3. Start with local shows!

This will tell you whether they may be willing to travel farther to bring you their quilts. What piecing and quilting styles are popular in your area? This will help you discover how to create a niche for your business.

20 of the Best Quilting Websites and Blog

Talk with the quilt shops and fabric shops in your area. What do they see as trends?

Something New!

Where do they get their store samples quilted? Can you create a cooperative arrangement that benefits you both? Learn about your competition.

QUilting and Making Money

What other longarm businesses are in your area? What types of machine quilting do they do? Find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition by looking for needs you can fill. For example, can you offer a faster turn-around time? How about machine binding services? If other longarm businesses are booked out more than a few weeks then that is a great sign that there is room for your business. Before jumping head-first into a longarm business, make sure you have something to offer that will make customers happy and come back for more.

That means your customers have enough variety to choose from with the advantage of getting their quilts back in short order.

Money and the joy of Quilting

Then show your customer samples of your work to gain approval. Word of mouth will be your best form of advertising, so you want those words to be positive. How much time can you devote to your new business? Quilting for yourself means you can set your own schedule.