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Mark out my pattern - my patterns are cut out in card and I hold them gently in place while I trace round them. No pins, which can distort the shape. I sew the pieces using backstitch, taking the smallest allowance I can for the fabric. I use a very fine needle to do this, and hold the fabric pieces together - again, no pins. Turning - strangely enough I use a pair of scissors to help me with this!!!!

They are blunt ended enough not to do damage but fine enough for the fiddly corners. The long pile fabrics slide against one another and i find this and a lot of patience helps.

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Stuffing - I use heavy polyfibre for extra weight, and a small amount of glass beads or steel shot in the tummy. For the neck joint - a 10mm hardboard cotter pin serves me well. I attach the completed head to the body, then stuff the body and sew up. Joints are attached by threads, strong ones doubled or trebled. I pull the limbs in as tight as I can and do a 'double knot' to hold them, with a dab of glue just to be safe!

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I prefer the sculptured look that thread jointing gives. For eyes, I use 3mm english glass eyes with the pre-crimped loops. You can even get these in the coloured variety! I hope this helps a little I think you should just 'give it a go' and I'm sure your little 'uns will be as gorgeous as your big 'uns! Look forward to seeing them! Oh, nearly forgot!!! I find it extremely important to have good lighting when making minis!! But maybe it's just my failing eyesight. Shelli, I like to fray check after I cut out my pieces, I find the fray check will bleed the pen I use, so I find it's better to put it on after I cut away the pen lines.

But really, either way will work. I've done 2 bears this way, because I don't trust my hand sewing so much. Works like a charm. Shelli - I guess the answer is, whatever way works best for you. Kim, you're right; whatever works. Thanks again, all, for your incredibly detailed, friendly, sharing, input. I love this board.

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I made these 3 this week, they're 3" from the same pattern Working with miniature fabrics such as cashmere is really easy as it's got a grid back and it doesn't fray It's really surprisingly easy to work with, I've got to be honest, if I see something I want to try I try it until I can do it, may not be as good as others but I won't be beaten!!! I have made a 4" bear from mohair and am making another at the moment, the one on my website is called Tims, and looks huge in his picture but is only 4"!!

It's fun, give it a try. I will give it a try. I like to figure as much as possible out beforehand, so I can make just twenty screwups on the real thing, instead of fifty! I'm lucky to crank out 3 in a year. This is the smallest mohair bear I've made, 4", he did need fray checking!!

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Looks huge in the pic, but really was 4". These are not the most recent of publications, but much of what has evolved in the mini world since then is stuff that you really already know from making larger bears I've been saying that all day! We have so much going on here this weekend! Like I said I'm certainly always ready willing and able to answer questions If they come up this weekend just e Mail me, I'll be more likely to get those!

Got that mini made yet Shelli? You ladies are all amazing! I admire all of you who can and do make the mini bears! I have neither the guts or the talent to tackle this field. You are all my inspiration!!!! Another thing I do with my big bears too is because using ladder stitch to close limbs after stuffing can make the shape a bit messy I do it another way. I sew my limbs all the way around. I make a little vertical slit, at the top of the limb where the joint would go, having fray checked this before.

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I turn through here, stuff, put my joint in, then ladder stich up. The joint hides the stitching against the body and you have a lovely smooth shaped limb. You have got me started now, when I finish the bear I am on now, I think I will try one slightly smaller than my usual 4". It keeps things interesting.

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Thanks everyone. This last photo are of the makings of two minis. They've been waiting for a few years now to be finished. As you may see. I was trying out new ideas, on how to put them together.

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  • The joint disks are 6mm. They were so fiddly I have no idea how I got the foot pads sewn on. I "m not really fussed with making the little ones. They make my fingers ache. I made these two about 4years ago. Me too!! You can use this method on fairly titchy bears - I used it on my rabbit which was 1. I use a really fine sinew to close up the seams as I find it places less stress on the fabric than thread does. Here's a koala bear I made using the Edinburgh upholstery mohair.

    The fabric does fray so remember to fray check! Toggle navigation Teddy Talk. Banner Sponsors. Active Unanswered. Hi Shelli just to confuse you even more and add my two cents worth I agree with whover said to start with a mini upholstery fabric with the woven grid back - sassys fabric gives beautiful results and you can use her long pile on anything from a titchy one inch bear up to 4 inches or so.

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