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Zohdia , G. Holzapfelb , S. Bergera Published The objective of this communication is to develop a computer-based framework for the overall coupled phenomena leading to growth and rupture of atherosclerotic plaques. The modeling is purposely simplified to expose the dominant phenomenological controlling mechanisms, and their coupled interaction.

View PDF. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper. Figures and Tables from this paper. Figures and Tables. Citations Publications citing this paper. Mathematical models for atherosclerotic plaque evolution M. Ford , Michael W. Gee , Mary R. On Maui, one November, Hugh and I was download Principles of Mathematical Modeling, Second Edition , and suffered to describe a common mastaba number learning up between us.

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Phenomenological and Mathematical Modelling in Structural Instabilities

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Studies on various grain morphologies, preferred crystallographic orientation, radiation types, measurement conditions, etc. However, more important are the implications of radiation studies for direct evaluation and quantification of defect-defect interactions in functional materials without the complicated effects of chemical doping.

The resulting theoretical and empirical knowledge regarding defect interactions encourages methods for defect engineering of a broad class of functional metal oxide materials. PbZr 0. The top electrode and PZT layer were patterned using argon ion milling and a series of additional metallization steps to create interconnects to device structures. This general process is outlined elsewhere The fabricated samples were exposed to radiation from a 60 Co gamma source at doses ranging from 0. All electrodes were left floating during radiation exposure. Dielectric, polarization, and electromechanical responses of the samples were fully characterized at Georgia Institute of Technology both before and after irradiation, including measurements of low-field permittivity and DC electric field-dependent piezoelectric response, followed by irradiation and repetition of all experiments.

Samples were sputter coated with a 20 nm-thick Au layer to increase sample conductivity during SEM imaging. Cross-sectional characterization was performed using an FEI Verios field-emission scanning electron microscope. Seebauer, E. Trends in semiconductor defect engineering at the nanoscale. Yoshida, Y.

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Phenomenological Model for Defect Interactions in Irradiated Functional Materials

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Models in biology: ‘accurate descriptions of our pathetic thinking’

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Ebook Phenomenological And Mathematical Modelling Of Structural Instabilities

Chang, S. ACS Nano 8 , —, doi: Haugsrud, R. Proton conduction in rare-earth ortho-niobates and ortho-tantalates.