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Analyzing the pivot of the Greek crisis we can observe we are condemning Hellenic citizens in relation to their debt; nevertheless, I think the point is different: the Greeks did not create their debt or manipulated their financial statements to enter in the Eurozone.

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Their politicians did it, however they are free, not in prison, and they are not paying anything for their mistakes. Instead, their citizens are paying with tragic consequences. In , the European Countries, including Greece, decided for the German debt restructuring, the same restructuring that now Germany intends to exclude.

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The European Union was born to create a federation of States, to defend us from the URSS, to improve our relationships and it was based on the above-mentioned three core values. Nevertheless, now the European Union is divided in three blocks: the first, the Northern Block, is composed by Germany and Northern States, which want to base the communitarian policy only on economic strength and structural reforms.

EconPapers: Rethinking the Mediterranean Strategic Agenda in an Evolving Environment

The second one — the Eastern Block — is led by Poland, which is scared by Russian threats and seems to prefer the American alliance than the European one, maintaining an high level of tension in the relationships with the Siberian Bear. The third one, the Southern Block, is formed by Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece: a block without a real leadership, unable to suggest an alternative vision of European Union.

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After centuries of struggles and two World Wars, we are yet incapable of finding common interests and share political actions. We are motionless and fossilized on a World that does no longer exist. We are still focusing on acting singularly, without understanding that the World is changing and moving away from us.

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Meanwhile we carry on fighting us each other while the U. Strong powers are raising now their voice in the international balance of power, such as Russia, India, and China. In addition, many others want to be duly considered, such as Iran. Currently, the European Union is being threatened by the rise of the Islamic State ISIS and several Islamist fighting groups, has ambiguous allies like Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia the first is suspected to be compromised in ISIS sponsorship, the second and the third are well — known squares of private funding in favor to all Sunni battalions ; is supporting a gulped government infiltrated by Nazi elements in Ukraine; is negotiating the TTIP, whereas currently this deal is more favorable for the U.

Rethinking the Mediterranean

Lots of problem, so, but no solution at the horizon. No answer from frau Merkel. If Europe cannot be able to help State members, how could they find and defend our interests? The dehumanising view of migrants and immigration signifies not merely a lack of empathy, it is also inefficient, Bjarnesen argues. Bjarnesen, senior researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute, has spent years undertaking field studies on refugees and migrants in West Africa.


This is understandable, but citizens from Sub-Saharan African countries also constitute a significant proportion. Thirdly, as long as there few legal avenues for labour migrants to get an EU work permit, they will remain passive recipients of government welfare.

Aspiring labour migrants could contribute to the well-being of their extended families at home and fill the gaps in the European labour market. If we pay more attention to these different aspirations, we would make it possible for refugees to make a bigger financial contribution.