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Bonno is sure that Amali the sock monkey is a better rescuer because she seems to do everything right. Next, they conjure up their final rescue helper, Sophia, a crow with a writing quill for a head. Just in time because they have someone with a Naked in Public dream. Through all of these challenges, the new team learns to solve the scary dreams with their own inimitable style. Young readers want to jump on the graphic novel bandwagon like their older peers but often the stories are not appropriate for them.

This one is written with them in mind concerning a struggle many of them face: bad dreams. The graphic novel format is really difficult to read aloud unless you do it one-on-one.

The Little Prince narrated by Kenneth Branagh

This has a fairly easy reading level, so a third grader could read this to a younger reader such as a Reading Buddy and both would have the time to examine each frame. Welcome to medieval France, land of chivalry, monsters, and unexplained events.

The Little Prince

Translated from the French, this beautifully drawn graphic novel gives third graders a glimpse into that world, represented by realistic characters. His sister, Helise, also disappears, so he sets off in search of clues. Brigands run rampant in the area, making it difficult to know who to trust.

Monsters William encounters include those with no head and a face below their arms, anthropomorphic dolphins, talking plants, and dog-headed men. He gets help from a variety of characters, including his aunt, a knight, a troubadour, one of the monsters, and a young girl. On his return, William faces his mother and possible future stepfather who are suspicious at best. His sister turns into a goat. Mom is sometimes a cat.

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  • The Little Prince: The Star Snatcher's Planet No. 5 by Thomas Barichella (2013, Paperback)!
  • The Little Prince Vol. 5: The Star Snatcher's Planet.

As with most graphic novels, the illustrations are very important, and these do not disappoint. Faces and animals are true-to-life and even the monsters are believable. The battle scenes may be overly realistic. The extensive section about roles in the medieval world, mythological creatures, and gender roles provides added value and should aid students in comprehension.

There is also a very good discussion section. The publisher provides materials and information on reading activities through their website: www. Designed for a new generation of readers, this series follows Little Prince and his trusty sidekick Fox as they travel the universe to keep planets safe from their archenemy, the evil Snake.

In this adventure, the duo finds themselves in the world of the Cholorphyllians, a farming people who are having trouble keeping their crops alive. With the universal theme of good triumphing evil, third grade readers, especially those who like superhero tales, will enjoy this action-packed adventure. A quick character glossary on the first page introduces new readers to the cast, and a sprinkling of advanced vocabulary will help with their reading skills.

Historical fiction can be a terrific way to introduce young readers to the fascinating days of the past—as long as the history part of the book remains accurate and the story is captivating. Despite some occasionally weak writing, Calvert the Raven and the Battle of Baltimore succeeds in both areas and is an interesting look at one of the most important battles in American history.

The Little Prince: The Star Snatcher's Planet No. 5 by Thomas Barichella (2013, Paperback)

Children are forced to hide lest they be imprisoned by the forest dwellers. When Pip trudges through a heavy snow, his tracks set in motion a whole series of events: chases through the city streets and through the woods, flying accusations, and battles. He wanders past the local tavern, where the tavern keeper snatches him, keeps him safe, and introduces him to his own son.

Pip and the son, Toad, set out to rescue a girl rumored to be hiding. This graphic novel tells the true story of the Battle of the Hampton Roads. It was the most important naval battle of the American Civil war, between the Confederates the rebels and the Union the north.


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