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When you see mean or suspicious things going on, it's your duty as a citizen of the world to speak up. If anyone does anything morally wrong to you or someone else, always speak up. Staying quiet is exactly what bad people want you to do, and if you make a habit if it now, odds are you'll be a silent observer for the rest of your life. You should try to rock the boat, shake things up and try new things to reinvent yourself daily!

Listen to music your friends would cringe at, dye your hair, and join as many clubs as you can! How you perform in high school will determine where you go to college after graduation, and if you go to college at all. Every teenager ought to know this if she wants to be happy and confident. Your body is beautiful.

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Yours is the only one exactly like it, crafted to be perfect in its own unique way. The body you have is a perfect machine that is beautiful and magnificent beyond compare! One of the best benefits of being young is having a stellar metabolism. You can eat pizza and ice cream every day and not have nearly as extreme consequences as your mom would. Other health concerns some teens face are STDs, drug and alcohol abuse, and eating disorders.

Bring up these topics with your parents or other trusted adult before they become an actual issue in your life, so you can receive personalized advice on how to be the healthiest teen you can be! If you are, speak your mind, ask for help with your problems and troubles. People are placed in your life for a reason, and sometimes that reason is to pass their wisdom onto you. It seemed like such a simple concept, but it was really quite layered. To do that, I figured out that I need to put myself first.

Teen suicide: What parents need to know

Of course, I try to help and love others whenever possible, but at the end of the day I put my needs first and do whatever I can to reach my goals. If you want to survive your teenage years as well as be a success later in your life, you need to learn how to put yourself first now, before you make a habit of letting others walk all over you.

REALEST advice for teen girls you will ever hear.

It is taking stock of a situation and making sure that everything is right before you launch yourself into it. Sensible is knowing your mind, and going with it. Learning to budget and cook are not the kind of things you will see depicted in music videos. Mariah Carey has never writhed around putting together a spag bol and doing household chores. These things are not sexy or exciting. They may seem like a waste of time, now, but actually they are important skills that, by learning, will help you give value to your life. L earning to be self-sufficient was one of the most mind-blowing things I ever did for myself.

Not having to rely on anyone else makes me feel strong and capable and like I can take on the world. And the bonus? Being sensible about my life actually frees up more time for me to be silly. T ake it from someone who has spent more time worrying about this book than actually writing it. Do your homework and your chores now. Get them out of the way as quickly as possible. Then you can go and do stuff you actually actively enjoy. I am a huge advocate of talking about stuff.

You are not letting people down if you want to stew on something by yourself for a bit, to try to make sense of it.

Choose Healthy Foods and Drinks

You have every right to be quiet and thoughtful. You are not being moody, or sulky, if you do this. Everyone suffers fear of missing out. You do.

Teen suicide: What parents need to know - Mayo Clinic

That person over there does. It is human nature to imagine that around the corner, everyone else is having a better time than you. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Lifestyle Family Parenting. Beat the comparison conspiracy Nobody is better than anybody else You are just as valid and important a human being as Michelle Obama or Meghan Markle or Selena Gomez.

Take compliments Do not turn them into insults. Smile, say thank you, and move on. A little bit of self-doubt is healthy It keeps us in check and holds us accountable to ourselves. Instead of aspiring to be like someone, try to be inspired by them When you aspire to be like someone, you can be so bowled over by them that you forget the good bits of yourself. Try not to talk in bests and favourites When I was at school, it felt like I was permanently moving up and down the friendship charts — like a particularly brutal version of the iTunes charts. Your wonderful, miraculous body You are not obliged to find something you dislike about your body.

Try not to put a filter on a selfie. Make exercise something you actually want to do, rather than something you feel you have to. Think of exercise as something that makes you feel good, rather than something that makes you look good. Lesson 3 F ailure is not the end.

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Crushes can be overwhelming I remember my first proper crush, on a boy called Dominic, and how very, very important and transformational it felt at the time. Parents, take note Validate their feelings. Something might seem ridiculous to you as an adult, but try to remember what it felt like as a year-old when you were dumped for the first time.

It was like the world was ending. Sometimes when we want the best for our kids we actually put them through the worst. Be joyful about adolescence. Parents can be quite fearful for their children and, yes, there are plenty of pitfalls ahead, but we also should be excited about the possibilities. Boundaries are so important. Sort out the trash talk in your own life. Take some time out. If you get frustrated, go and take a deep breath and deal with it. God intends to use your teen years as a launching pad into a lifelong pursuit of looking more like Jesus.

Girls Guide to Becoming a Teen

This book will help you prioritize your Christian growth—pointing you to the resources God has given you in his Word, in prayer, and in the church; offering help for managing your emotions, watching your words, and bearing spiritual fruit; and challenging you with ways to center your life around this important task. Even as a teenager, you have all it takes to grow in godliness. Lindsey Carlson is the mother of five children and has served alongside her husband in pastoral ministry for fourteen years, currently at Imprint Community Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

She enjoys teaching and discipling women through writing and public speaking, but most often through the context of the local church. Growing in Godliness offers basic concepts, accessible tools, and practical steps for teens to understand themselves as devoted followers of Christ. And it offers parents a rare gift as well: the golden opportunity of faith-infused dialogue with their young-adult child. Those years can be filled with wonder, but also with fears and dangers. In this book, Lindsey Carlson gives a practical guide for how young women can use their teenage years to grow in Christ.

This advice could be life-changing for you, or for someone you love. Its fresh writing, theological grit, accessible advice, grace-driven counsel, and practical application of the means of grace make me want to put it in the hands of all of the girls I know.