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Lisa Tuttle. George R. Martin has thrilled a generation of readers with his epic works of the imagination, most recently the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling saga told in the novels A Game of Thrones , A Clash of Kings , and A Storm of Swords. Lisa Tuttle has won acclaim from fans of science fiction, horror, and fantasy alike— most recently for her haunting novel The Pi George R. Lisa Tuttle has won acclaim from fans of science fiction, horror, and fantasy alike— most recently for her haunting novel The Pillow Friend.

Now together they gift readers with this classic tale of a brilliantly rendered world of ironbound tradition, where a rebellious soul seeks to prove the power of a dream. The planet of Windhaven was not originally a home to humans, but it became one following the crash of a colony starship.

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It is a world of small islands, harsh weather, and monster-infested seas. Communication among the scattered settlements was virtually impossible until the discovery that, thanks to light gravity and a dense atmosphere, humans were able to fly with the aid of metal wings made of bits of the cannibalized spaceship. Many generations later, among the scattered islands that make up the water world of Windhaven, no one holds more prestige than the silver-winged flyers, who bring news, gossip, songs, and stories. They are romantic figures crossing treacherous oceans, braving shifting winds and sudden storms that could easily dash them from the sky to instant death.

They are also members of an increasingly elite caste, for the wings—always in limited quantity—are growing gradually rarer as their bearers perish. With such elitism comes arrogance and a rigid adherence to hidebound tradition. And for the flyers, allowing just anyone to join their cadre is an idea that borders on heresy. Wings are meant only for the offspring of flyers—now the new nobility of Windhaven.

Except that sometimes life is not quite so neat. Maris of Amberly, a fisherman's daughter, was raised by a flyer and wants nothing more than to soar on the currents high above Windhaven. By tradition, however, the wings must go to her stepbrother, Coll, the flyer's legitimate son.

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But Coll wants only to be a singer, traveling the world by sea. So Maris challenges tradition, demanding that flyers be chosen on the basis of merit rather than inheritance. And when she wins that bitter battle, she discovers that her troubles are only beginning. For not all flyers are willing to accept the world's new structure, and as Maris battles to teach those who yearn to fly, she finds herself likewise fighting to preserve the integrity of a society she so longed to join—not to mention the very fabric that holds her culture together.

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published April 29th by Bantam first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions 1.

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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Windhaven , please sign up. Why can't they just make more wings? If they can repair them, why are they unable to construct them? It would solve a lot of problems. Joanne The lightweight fabric the wings are made from is the remenants of the solar sails from the space ships which brought their ancestors to the world.

They were cut up and used to make the wings, but the world they crash landed on does not have the natural resources to reproduce the wings. Therefore, the wings are heirlooms in the flyer families, and if they are lost or damaged beyond repair then that that's it.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [How can they eat and drink while flying with their arms strapped in? They make sails for ships so why can't they make gliders or practice wings from that? If they can carry a person why don't they carry packages? Why don't they have a quick release from the wings and floats so if someone crashes the wings might float and be found again? If the original wing material never gets damaged, how was it cut to shape? Tomer They can free their hands if needed.

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For long flights they mention taking nuts and water. In addition if you keep in mind the fears from potential …more They can free their hands if needed. They can carry packages, for example when they carried the child to safety or even when they bury at sea, by first carrying the body of the dead, before dropping it. As for the material of the sail, I assume they had cutting tools that were lost over time.

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. This was an unexpected yet welcome find at the bookstore, since I had never heard of this book before, and I've wanted to read more George R. The story is not an ordinary take on flying humans. Usually these stories place people up in the clouds somehow, in floating islands This was an unexpected yet welcome find at the bookstore, since I had never heard of this book before, and I've wanted to read more George R.

Usually these stories place people up in the clouds somehow, in floating islands or castles. This time, they are down in the ocean, living in a collection of extremely windy islands at quite a distance from each other, with no major landmass to serve as the population's center. In Windhaven, flying takes the lead over nautical travel since the ocean is quite dangerous, full of giant marine predators and frequent storms.

The descriptions of flying were wholesome and fulfilling, constantly placing you in the character's shoes. Strong female character. Her story is divided into the three main revolutionary events of her life. Would have liked to see more of her story over the years she actually worked as a flyer, rather than solely finding out about it through allusions and retellings by other characters. Loved it. This needs to become a movie.

Dec 02, Ryan rated it really liked it Shelves: fic-ya , fic-escapist , fic-fantasy , fic-speculative. An early s collaboration between a now-famous author and a less famous one, Windhaven demonstrates that the young George R. Martin had talent for world-building and character-driven storytelling. The story takes place on a distant, windswept ocean world, where humans lost advanced technology generations ago, but were able to can An early s collaboration between a now-famous author and a less famous one, Windhaven demonstrates that the young George R. The story takes place on a distant, windswept ocean world, where humans lost advanced technology generations ago, but were able to cannibalize their wrecked starship and build muscle-and-wind-powered wings to carry messengers over the dangerous seas between far-flung islands.

Over time, a caste system has evolved in which wings are passed down by inheritance, with most people excluded from the chance to fly and be a citizen of the world. However, that changes when a young woman named Maris challenges tradition and brings about a new order. At each stage of her life, Maris finds her idealism echoed by younger people, who push things a bit further and bring about new shakeups in the political order of the world, not always with desirable consequences.

And, unlike the aforementioned series, you can actually finish reading it! The audiobook narrator does a fine job, representing different characters with distinct accents. View 1 comment. Jul 13, Ivana Books Are Magic rated it really liked it. Maris has got to be one of the most amazing female protagonists in the history of this genre. She is certainly what I think about when I think about a strong female lead. Her personal development during the course of this novel is nothing short of pure perfection.

I mean Maris is an awe-inspiring woman and yet she feels very real during every step of the way. She is wonderfully written and totally convincing. She starts off as a young lady that is determined to change the world she lives in and Maris has got to be one of the most amazing female protagonists in the history of this genre. She starts off as a young lady that is determined to change the world she lives in and what a world it is!

Flawless characterization that feels absolutely convincing during all stages of her life. If you are looking for a novel that examines the very soul of its protagonist, look no further. If you want to read a novel with a strong female lead, this is a story for you. If you want to read about an imaginary world that is endlessly fascinating once you dig under its simple surface, get this book. If you are interested in reading an exciting story filled with multidimensional characters, what are you waiting for? If you also happen to like fantasy, well you just hit jackpot!

Fantasy lovers open your heart for another jewel, for Windhaven is a beautifully crafted world. Can I call it poetic? Would that be too much? It is not a world of ice and fire, but a world of sea and wind. What if I told you that while you are reading it you can smell the sea in the air and sense the wind on your face. Not just any sea or any wind…but the wind and the sea of this magical place. Windhaven is no paradise. Fliers are only able to fly thanks to two facts and one of them is that this world is in a state of permanent storm.

Extemely windy. It is not a paradise, but a hard planet and place to live on. Yet I had this feeling of being able to sense its brutal beauty in my bones. It is so well described, the ecology of the planet and the way it influenced the human society living there. Isolation makes fliers almost mythical creatures. Their wings are made from materials saved from the mother ship the only sf element in the novel and they exist in limited numbers. Moreover, with every accident, with every flier who is lost, there is one less pair of wings. Can you imagine why having a pair of wings would be something that is to be desired, not only for its social significance?

The joy of flying! Was there ever a novel that describes so well the sheer join of flying! Maris is a natural born flier. She is marvellously talented at it and she knows it. All that Maris wants to do is fly. She was adopted and raised by a flier and he taught her all she needs to know about flying. However, there is a catch. Her father meant for her to inherit his wings, but in the meantime he had a son and now legally speaking, his son must inherit his wings.

The problem? The boy is terrified of flying. What is left to our Maris but to challenge the system? For this novel is much more than just a story of growing up in some how well developed it may be fantasy world. This novel is also about politics, power and government. This is a novel that shows us how complex life is. I think we can draw parallels between the society in Windhaven and our own despite the fact that the society described there lacks any technology and is basically medieval. Speaking of humans and our need to organize ourselves in groups, our need to fight for power over one another is something that is explored well in this novel.

Windhaven has a lesson or two to teach. For example, how revolutions often eat their own childre or how we must always pay the price for the decisions we make. It is actually a well-rounded epic story. A whole lot happens in this novel. It is not terribly long, but it is packed with events. It is an entertaining read for sure, but also so much more. I know that many fans of Martin will wonder if this is something that can be compared with his legendary series. It is. Windhaven is written by Lisa as well and that can be felt.

I personally loved that! I think these two worked really well together. I liked the focus on one protagonist and I happen to think it was a good decision for this novel. One thing I did notice that seems to be typical of GOT is the depth of characterization. Nevertheless, there was something uniquely touching about Maris, especially when she got older, something that felt personal, something that made her special. In that sense that is focused merely this novel is different from GOT.

I must also add; the descriptions of Windhaven are something I sign off to Lisa. Does that make sense? This story takes many twists and turns, develops in many different ways and it goes on to explore the world of politics, the conflict between the individual and the society, the dimensions of good and evil, the price we may for our decisions, the negative sides of any revolution etc.

It is an amazing story on its own but the fact that the characters are masterfully portrayed is what makes it is very special. Did I mention that it also contains some interesting debates and moral dilemmas i. To conclude, this is a great fantasty novel. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, it would go something like this: Incredibly convincing, outlandishly brave and uncannily wise portrayal of an amazing life of one phenomenal woman. This fantasy appears to me to be in the tradition of Ursula Leguin, replete with a coming of age story bound up with social development issues, moral choices, and fable-like messages.

The descendents of marooned starfarers inhabit a world of many small islands. Aside from sailing in an ocean with dangerous sea monsters, the only link between islands is via a cadre of flyers who use wings made of metal struts and special indestructible cloth left over from the ancestors. The aristocracy of flyers This fantasy appears to me to be in the tradition of Ursula Leguin, replete with a coming of age story bound up with social development issues, moral choices, and fable-like messages.

The aristocracy of flyers, who pass the skills and limited set of wings down within families, is challenged when the daughter of a fisherman, Maris, becomes enamored with flying and seeks to become one against the wishes of her adopted father, who instead wants to pass his wings down to a younger son.

Her brave persistence eventually succeeds in changing the class system into one based on merit, involving establishment of flying academies and annual open challenge competitions. The power and roles of singers and healers is also explored though a set of engaging characters.

The thrall of flying is captured well is the narrative, but it wore a bit thin for me after a while. The parables about classism, corruption of power, are the triumph of the good hearted and brave were not especially compelling. I wonder why the book is not classified as young adult reading. Oct 31, Natasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , under-the-radar , couldn-t-put-it-down , fiction.

This was my first George R. Martin book and it definitely won't be the last, I assure you. Windhaven is relatively short for the average fantasy book and yet I was SO connected, so enthralled with the characters, the world, the system This is the type of fantasy novel I yearn for when I think of the genre. What sticks in mind is the way the authors deal with our protaginist: Maris.

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Based on 50 reviews. Windhaven is affordable and their customer service is wonderful. I had a minor claim when a tree limb feel on my car. The repairs were quick. My experience with wind heaven is good and bad. The good is that I am able to fix my problem in person at the agent office. Like what is even the point with the hyper link and the extra website they included. They really need to hire someone new wit the website program. Very bad if I had a option of giving negative rating I would give negative 10 the adjusters just lie. What I liked about Windhaven insurance was that they were affordable and I even had 10 days after my due date to make my payment before the cancellation period.

It seemed every time I had to renew my insurance got cheaper and cheaper. I purchased a new car and Windhaven needed pictures for insurance. I purchased through A-Max. The pictures that A-Max apparently took were blurry and could not be used. I received a check in the mail from Windhaven and that's when I found out my insurance had been cancelled. I found out on the 7th that my insurance had been cancelled on the 21st. So there was nobody to call me and inform me that new pictures were needed?

There was nobody that could email either right? Has lowest cost I can find in FL. Helpful customer service reps. Terrible website, I mean absolutely unusable website. I had to fight with them to cover damages on my car, even though I am a full coverage policy holder. The inspector fought with the body shop owner and was very rude with me on the phone. That was 3 months in addition to the time it took to actually fix my car, that I was without a vehicle.

Easy to pay over the phone or by mail but their website sucks, just call them. Also their prices are great if in fl. When we were involved in an accident , they did not even answer our phone calls, when we got a response 2 months later they didnt want to help with anything and raised our rates. We were not at fault for the accident, the other people involved were severely injured, one fatality, and all had windhaven, none of us recieved any help from the company. Always going through changes, so much so that my payment got lost or misplaced or I dont know.

All i know is I received a letter in the mail saying that my policy was canceled due to non payment and that i owed them over dollars. Other than that it is a good company. This has been the best Insurance company I have ever had. Always answered my questions and paying is quick and easy! Overall a decent company, however I am unable to pay my whole 6 months at one time and the rate seems to change monthly. Windhaven is the best company when it comes to being the lowest down payment and cheapest monthly rate if you are having trouble and for some reason like you got a seatbelt ticket you can't get better I have no problem so far.

This company is extremely helpful and reliable. I got it at a low cost for full coverage. Whenever I make a claim they attend to me right away. There's never a long wait and both the staff and agents are friendly and polite. This also was an easy setup.